With years of successful coaching experience, Bespoke’s tutors guide students to powerful, unique, and effective personal statements.

Our college essay tutors have extensive experience guiding students toward a strong and simple goal: write the essay only they can write. We utilize creative brainstorming strategies to dig deep into a student’s unique experiences and perspectives, and then push the student through a rigorous drafting process to hone the writing while maintaining a clear voice. We believe that every student has a compelling story to tell; our specialty is working with the student to successfully share that story with top-choice schools.

The Process

  • We begin with an intensive brainstorming process, often coming at essay prompts from unusual angles. Students sometimes get blocked by the pressure of writing personal essays; we utilize a dynamic and fun interview process to get around those blocks and help students see (and say) what they care about. 
  • Depending on the student’s writing style, we employ targeted homework assignments or in-person writing drills to get the first draft on the page. For students who are particularly writing-phobic, we’ll even break out an audio recorder and simply get the student talking.
  • Once a draft is in process, we coach the student through revisions by focusing on clarity and impact. We see this process as not only working with the student toward the most successful college admissions essay, but also working toward writing better essays in college and beyond.
  • When a draft is ready, we help the student incorporate feedback from college guidance counselors and teachers.
  • When the student hits “submit,” we celebrate!

The Timeline

The ideal college admissions essay process begins in August and finishes in November or December. This gives the tutor and student enough time to undergo an in-depth brainstorming and drafting process. However, we will always work with a student on a more compressed timeline when necessary. Our tutors are adept at modifying the process to meet each family’s needs.

The Results

Our college essay students have successfully gained admission to the most competitive schools around the country. In the last few years alone, we’ve seen admissions to Harvard, Yale, Stanford, and more. 

But our favorite result is seeing a student’s family, friends, teachers, and communities be moved by the student’s work. We love hearing when an essay truly captures a student’s story and perspective. In completing the essay, we want each student to find a deep sense of satisfaction and pride at a job well done.