Philosophy and Approach

We work with students from elementary through graduate school, so we have experience with younger kids, teenagers, and adults. We can tutor nearly any subject and all of the most popular standardized tests (ACT, SAT, IELTS/TOEFL, ISEE/SSAT, GRE, and GMAT). We also help students develop their organizational abilities, study skills, and university applications. 

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Tutoring is a process. Students mature academically at different rates, as they adjust to teachers’ expectations and new subject matter. Good tutoring nurtures the self-confidence of students, so they can feel in control as they navigate coursework or tests on their own. Good tutoring coaches students through material they are struggling with in the more impersonal classroom setting. Finally, good tutoring helps students become independent learners. We believe that an individualized approach to tutoring and the development of a mentor-student relationship are the fastest, most constructive ways to achieve their goals.

Scheduling and Rates

Most tutoring takes place in students’ homes or online (Zoom or the platform of your choice). We also have access to classroom spaces at our offices in Paris and Geneva. 

24/7/365! Please let us know your student’s availability, and we will figure out a schedule that meets your needs.

For most academic subjects (e.g. tutoring in biology), one session (60–90 minutes) per week is usually sufficient. For more intensive work—such as organization and study skills coaching, help in more than one subject, or standardized test prep—it may be advisable to meet more than once each week. How often you should meet can generally be determined after the first session.

All of our tutors are available by phone or email if questions arise, or if you need to change an appointment. Often tutors can offer remote support on short notice; if not, an administrator can usually often find a substitute.

Yes: Appointments that are not canceled at least 24 hours in advance will be billed in full. While we understand that sports and doctor’s appointments may arise rather spontaneously, our schedules are so tight that the policy is necessary because appointment slots often cannot be filled at the last minute.

All our tutors are fantastic. Many have advanced degrees in their fields or are working toward advanced degrees; most have numerous years of teaching and tutoring under their belts. Some of our tutors are billed out at higher rates than others because of their seniority at Bespoke. 

Mock Testing

The detailed score report shows which questions a student got right and wrong. In most cases, our score reports also show the question type and difficulty. The report can also indicate where students ran out of time or were under time pressure. Our tutors use score reports to help them hone in on the topics and skills that will most help your student improve. Families are also welcome to arrange a free consultation with our client services team to discuss mock test results.

We offer mock testing every weekend and on some weekdays, including many school holidays. See upcoming test dates on our Mock Test Calendar or log in to your Bespoke Account for all available test dates.

We work hard to give our students the most realistic testing experience possible. Some of the exams we use are official versions obtained from the test makers, while others are exams we have designed ourselves to be highly representative of the test’s content and format.

We can provide practice exams for almost every standardized test: SAT, ACT, Lower, Middle & Upper Level ISEE, Middle & Upper Level SSAT, Bocconi Entrance Exam, and SHSAT. We do sometimes administer other types of tests on request.

Bespoke does not currently offer PSAT mock tests. We suggest that students preparing for the PSAT take a full-length SAT instead for the most complete diagnostic profile possible.

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+1 (212) 286-2227 if you are in the United States.