B Corp

Bespoke Education is a Certified B Corporation

Bespoke’s mission is to provide exceptional educational support for students throughout their schooling. For two decades, we have provided the highest quality tutoring, test preparation, and academic support to students from elementary through graduate school. We believe the mentor-student relationship is fundamental to guiding students in acquiring new habits and skills. Once this trusting relationship is established and students meet with newfound success, they become increasingly confident and motivated to take on new challenges.

“The B Corp movement is about balancing profit with purpose, so that businesses can be forces for good, making the world a better place. Bespoke is thrilled to be a B Corp and we will use our certification to further our mission for all stakeholders.”

– Tim Levin, Founder and CEO

Our Purpose

All children should have access to highly-trained and capable teachers, and to the most up-to-date and challenging curricula.

All children should be given the same opportunities to receive the materials and mentoring that they need to develop their full academic potential.

All children should be taught to embrace academic challenges and encouraged to pursue academic excellence.

Community Matters

For the past two decades, Bespoke has worked with over 35,000 students in the Tri-State area and around the world. We know the schools, administrators, and curricula in the areas where we work. We build long-term relationships with students, families, counselors, and administrators in order to provide the most comprehensive services. Over 60% of Bespoke’s current students attend charter or public schools in traditionally underserved communities, and our relationships with those schools and communities are a huge part of Bespoke’s mission and work.

Values Matter

Bespoke cares deeply about instilling strong ethical character in our students, and we hire only those who demonstrate a commitment to proper ethics in academia and in life. Our tutors don’t do students’ work for them. We impart the skills needed to build confidence and independence. Bespoke thrives on and is dedicated to mutual respect and inclusiveness. Our teachers bring diverse perspectives to our team, go through a rigorous training program, and receive continued mentorship and professional development throughout their employment. 

Bespoke chose the B Lab Impact Assessment for quantifying our environmental and social performance because it is the leading tool for this purpose and because it satisfies all the performance characteristics and requirements established for NYS Benefit Corporation law.

The Impact Assessment is composed of questions in five areas: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers, and helps to quantify how we fulfill our mission of promoting general public benefit. The assessment is measured on a 200-point scale, with a minimum score of 80 required for a company to be eligible for certification. Bespoke completed our first Impact Assessment in 2023, and received an overall score of 89.9.

To put this score in context, the average score of “ordinary” (non-certified) businesses of our size was 51, and the highest score is currently held by Patagonia (152) . Bespoke’s 2023 certification report can be found HERE.

2022-23 NYS Public Benefit Corporation Annual Report.